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Getting paid on time is one of the most important things any business owner should emphasise. Every one of us likes getting paid on time, without delay. As entrepreneurs or freelancers, it is always needed to have a cash flow because if there is no cash flow, the business doesn’t thrive and your employees doesn’t eat. We all want to be satisfied and happy, therefore we listed five effective ways on how to do invoicing that will help you achieve having positive cash flows.

1. Use a unified template for all invoices.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using an online invoicing platform or your own custom template, what’s important is to start with something. It will save you time as well as your client’s time since there will be a unified template for all the types of invoices you need. In the long run, having a unified template can help you because clients will get used to your template format and it can save time for them as well when processing the invoices. They will become familiar on how to get your invoices paid and filled simply because you have a unified template that doesn’t change every invoicing.

2. Define a payment policy with short terms.

If possible, set a payment policy in short terms. Misunderstandings will be minimised if you’ll define the payment terms clearly and straight to the point. In this way, you receive the money faster and without further questions. Of course, in setting this policy, you should also consult your client of their preferred payment policy so that you can both agree with whatever you decided to have. It is important to build a relationship with the client and be upfront to the expectations for the both of you. Lastly, whatever you have decided, you have to put them in writing and then stick with it for invoicing.

3. Itemise your services.

It is important to be specific as possible when listing your billable services and hours. There will be no confusion with the client and payment is quicker. Make sure to include the hours worked per item and the date. If there are additional charges like applicable fees or taxes, it should also be included just to be clear on all charges. Also, make sure to include a grand total at the bottom of the invoice. The grand total should stand out so that it will be easier for the client to see.

4. Organise your invoices by number or letter.

This is one of the most important tip in invoicing. Always number your invoices. It may sound like an obvious one but most people always fail to utilise this strategy properly. It makes your invoice look professional and it will help you keep track of clients and payments.There should be a unique code attached to every invoice you make A typical invoice numbering consists of a mix of a letter and numbers. However, you can always make your invoice number depending on your need. But keep in mind to make it as simple as possible to avoid confusion.

5. Keep in professional and polite.

This last tip sounds simple but it has a big weight on it. There is no substitute for professionalism in business. Therefore, you need to be polite even in your invoices. Always include polite words so that clients will not be offended or not to make you sound demanding. It is important to look professional even in your invoices, most especially if you are asking a deadbeat client for money. Keep in mind to always be polite and professional at all times.

Creating invoices may seem to be simple. But you should always bear in mind that there should be key points to remember in order for you to maintain relationship with your client. Bottom line, following these tips mayhelp you getting paid on time.

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