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For a company to be successful, one of the key aspects you need to consider is the company’s bookkeeping, or record keeping. In definition, bookkeeping refers to the organisation and storage of accounting and financial documents. These documents include ledgers, journals, financial statements, income tax records and many more. Therefore, the company should hire an effective bookkeeper to make sure that all information are properly handled.

Looking for an effective bookkeeper is a tiring job for you. You need to look at a lot of specifications in order to be sure that this bookkeeper will be effective. But how can you know if this bookkeeper is effective?

In this article, we will provide the top 5 traits a good bookkeepermust have in order for the company to be successful.

1. They are knowledgeable in the accounting process.

This is a given trait for every bookkeeper. It is important that the bookkeeper you will be hiring has enough knowledge in the job. They should have sufficient accounting training and experience and most importantly, they should be Certified Accountants. This certification means that they have the required skills to be a bookkeeper and they qualify to be in the position. Having a good academic background will always be the foundation of a person to be a good bookkeeper.

2. They always ask questions.

A good bookkeeper always feeds their curiosity. This is a good trait most especially if the bookkeeper is new to the job. Other companies may find it annoying but this is a great way to know and ensure that transactions are correctly allocated. It is always better to ask questions rather than just guess.

3. They always do their homework.

A good bookkeeper does not only contain themselves during work hours but they always try to feed their minds to be an efficient bookkeeper. Having the initiative to know the recent updates on what is happening in the bookkeeping and accounting spaces makes them an asset of the company in the long run. Since these industries have evolved considerably over the past few years, it is advisable for a bookkeeper to be updated with these changes.

4. They know how to say “I don’t know”.

This trait is also important for a bookkeeping position to reduce errors in the ledgers and financial statements. There are instances where the company has some jargon terms when it comes to their financial statements and a new bookkeeper may not be familiar about it. It is important that the bookkeeper can always admit that they do not know. They should also know the legalities of their scope and they should not be afraid to say “I don’t know” and ask assistance to seniors or whoever can help.

5. They can be trusted.

This trait contains a bigger weight. It is important that the bookkeeper can be trusted with all the financial documents of the company. The relationship between the company and the bookkeeper shall remain sacred. The company should make sure that when they hire, the bookkeeper would not share the company’s financial details to anyone, even to family members. Good relationship should be established in order for this relationship to be successful.

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