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Accountants are important. They mainly determine the financial capability of a company to continue its operations. Basically, the accountant performs financial functions related to the collection, accuracy, recording, analysis and presentation of a business, organisation or a company’s financial operations.The accountant also has a variety of administrative roles within its company’s operations which are also very essential.Therefore, choosing the right accountant is critical to the business. They should embody certain traits in order to be effective and efficient in the workplace.

1. They are honest and with integrity

It is the major responsibility of a professional accountant to oversee and manage financial records. They should also have access to the company’s petty cash, investments, bank accounts and other finance related concerns. With this, they should be trustworthy and honest. It is important for an accountant to know the standard accounting practices and organisational policies of the company. This is because they are holding confidential informationevery day. One of the most important trait to look at in looking for an accountant is that they are professional and they should never impart any knowledge to third parties. Accountants should always be ethical in anything they do.

2. They always pay attention to detail.

Being an accountant requires great skill in identifying errors. This is because they always face with numbers and formulas which are very critical. One number can change the whole sheet; that is why it is important for an accountant to be very attentive to details. One of their jobs is to spot discrepancies, identify problems and even anticipate where trouble might occur. An eye for details and due diligence for accuracy should go hand in hand at all times.

3. They are committed to the job/work.

In this kind of job, it is important to look for an accountant that can commit themselves to a particular industry and should be passionate about it. Given the confidentiality of the information they are working on, it is advisable to have an accountant who can work long-term. It will also incur time and effort for the company to train and orient the accountant

4. They have great communication skills.

Accountants should be able to communicate effectively mainly because they do not just face their colleagues and head, but also their clients. They should be able to deliver their insights effectively so that they can properly be understood. It is important to look at the communication skills of the accountant if he/she can face and impress clients. Meeting the clients can help them decide which accounting rules or economic measures could fit in the business. Another benefit of it is that it can create relationship with the client since it will be more believable if the advice comes from the accountant itself, because of their expertise.

5. They can manage their time wisely.

Being an accountant means beating deadlines and they also play as a key role in developing strategic decision-making. They have a lot of responsibilities and deadlines to beat; therefore they should be able to prioritise things more important and make the most out of their time. During peak season, effective time management skills are necessary so that there will be no tasks compromised because of you need to finish another task.

These basic traits can guide you in employing an accountant. Just keep in mind that filling this position will require the company to invest on them so it is important to pick the perfect fit for the position.

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