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Most Popular Online Wage Calculators

If you are seeking greener pastures or would like to check if you deserve the pay that you get, you can check a wage calculator to evaluate whether your salary is commensurate with your qualifications. Here are the most popular online wage calculators available:


This is one of the best wage calculators online that suits the needs of recruiters, employees, and human resource professionals. Wage is computed based on different criteria such as job title, state, city, country, qualifications, and years of experience. It can offer a validated mean salary figure that can be used as a basis as a tool in negotiating salary increases.


This has multiple similarities to Salary Expert. This financial tool is a rival of Salary Expert as it can also be used by recruiters, job-seekers, and human resource personnel. It also provides an analysis based on different criteria that include a job description, salary grade, job title, country, and state. Moreover, it provides three non-free premium wage reports. These reports provide a better personalization tool that can be used in negotiating wages.

3. offers a non-paid wage calculator. It is best for employees, job hunters, and headhunters. Salary Expert runs this site and provides similar functionality.


This powerful wage calculator is a perfect fit for both professionals or non-professionals. It allows one to evaluate one’s worth based on similar criteria as other sites that include job grade, job title, city, and state. Thus, it also provides a reliable mean wage calculation.


This site is run by and also provides some degree of reliability and functionality. It is more powerful than its parent site as it offers a more individualized analysis. It is a paid tool which makes it a more reliable wage calculator.


This wage calculator provides the same functionality to However, it only has a smaller database compared to the others; thus, makings its data less detailed compared to others.


Individuals who plan to relocate can use as one of its tools is also a wage calculator. City Reports and School Reports are also features of the said site. Similar to other wage calculators, this site uses varied criteria to provide an individual with a salary report.


This wage calculator is a great tool for employees as the latest tax rates have been updated that will take effect from April 2017. It includes a take-home calculator, the hourly wage calculator, the required salary calculator, two salary comparison calculators, and the mortgage repayment calculator.


This site has a wide range of data. Its data involves 50,000,000 jobs. Wage analysis is provided based on the various roles like fund chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, and others.


Indeed runs this site and also provides similar functionality. It enumerates the wages of multiple professionals and trades.


Although the listed wage calculators are fit for HR personnel and job-seekers, the best ones are Salary Expert and Payscale as they offer more detailed salaries at the corporate levels.

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